Why You Need Sales Training

A while back, when I worked as a quality manager at a manufacturing facility, I had a conversation with a machinist on why sales people were making more than people actually making the product. He felt that the machinist should be making more than those who are selling those products.

I told him that he could make all the product he wanted, but unless you can sell it, they are just sitting on the table and costing the company money.

Our whole life is about sales. No matter how you feel about selling or salespeople, everything you do is about sales. You are either selling or being sold on something all of the time. Whether you are trying to sell someone on why they should date you, or in my case, when I have to sell my wife on a restaurant we should go to.

I tell my kids all of the time when they want to play video games, "You have to sell me on this" "Why should you be able to play video games now". They then go into a long explanation on how its been so long since they've played (24 hours seems like eternity to an eight-year old by the way).

No matter what industry you are in, you need salespeople and the need training to make them the best. Sales is the lifeblood of your brand and your company.

When doing sales, training is an absolute must! That is why my company, Paramount Leadership Group, is adding sales training to our offerings. We have become a licensee for Grant Cardone.

If you do not know who Grant is, then I am sure he would apologize and then explain that he has some of the best sales training in the world. He has become a New York Times Best Seller in a library of sales and marketing books, sold out stadiums, created a $1 billion dollar portfolio in a private equity company called Cardone Capital, and started the Cardone Foundation, which helps fatherless youth learn sales and marketing to get ahead in their life. On top of all of that, he has some of the best sales training in the world on a flexible platform the helps increase sales ten fold in any organization.

As Paramount Leadership has helped organizations create leaner systems, and automation, adding Cardone's sales training was the obvious next step to offer new and existing clients. Especially in a time of this pandemic, coaches, business owners and entrepreneurs need to have the option to get new skills and training that will slingshot them forward and ahead of their competition.

Clients will be able to get specialized one-on-one sales and marketing coaching from me as well as have on-demand training from Cardone himself and more from the Paramount Leadership Academy. We are excited to bring this to you and to help you bring massive results to your brand or business.

More information is coming, so be sure to subscribe and don't miss out on the deals coming out!

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